Google hosting two mobile Chrome events this month, June 7th and 13th

Daniel Bader

June 2, 2013 1:59pm

Google is hosting two separate Chrome for mobile events in June, the first of which falls on the 7th at 1pm ET and the second six days later, the 13th at 11am ET.

While the topics of these events are still unknown, it’s likely that they will each focus on separate platforms, namely Android and iOS.

Early speculation about the separate events points to integration with Google’s long-awaited Extensions platform, though it may be harder to integrate on iOS than Android. Whereas the Android version shares the same Blink-based rendering engine as its desktop equivalent and is extensible enough to have Extensions integrated, iOS relies on the integrated WebKit web view and has many API restrictions.

Why the company needs two separate events speaks more to the length of the streams — half an hour — than the amount of content, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what it holds.

Source: Google (2)
Via: Android Police

  • jackjiarocks

    Hmm… Thats actually quite odd, maybe a surprise of something never seen before on 13th?

  • kethireddy jagadishwar reddy

    manava sevae madavaseva