WIND launching the Galaxy S4 on May 14th, $699 outright

Ian Hardy

May 11, 2013 7:33am

WIND Mobile will be adding the Samsung Galaxy S4 to their lineup next week. An email blast was sent out to interested customers informing them that the official launch date is Tuesday, May 14th. Looks like WIND has priced the GS4, in both black and white, at $699 outright and $399 on the WINDTab. In addition, the email noted that the new flagship Galaxy is “available for new and current customers on May 14th. Eligible WINDTab upgrades will be available starting June 14th.”

(Thanks Chris and Rafael!)

  • eszklar

    I’m assuming this is the 16GB version? Will wait for the 32GB version myself.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      I don’t think they will get 32gb version on wind.

    • eszklar

      There’s always CanadaGSM or Expansys Canada, a bit more pricey.

  • TouchMyBox

    Kinda hard to justify $400 with pseudo-contract. On to waiting for the Nexus 5, I suppose.

  • djino

    Still debating on getting this! Or waiting for the Note III in September. The dual cracked screen of my Galaxy Nexus is pushing me to make the switch ASAP. 🙁

  • Plazmic Flame

    $399? They should have just opted to offer the 32GB version.

    • Brigitte Laskowski

      I was hoping for the 32GB version SGS2 too. Here’s hoping I win the lottery and then I’ll cross the border and go to AT&T and buy the 32GB SGS4, get it unlocked and then, head over to T-Mobile buy their SIM card for $10 for use when I am over on vacation using their Dailly pay as you go unlimited everything, then take it to Wind Mobile and put their SIM card in under their $40 plan plus voice mail.

      I’d also get my husband the same and do the same.

  • jackjiarocks

    No thank you, I will pass.

    • Sak Hus

      Good for you unfortunately millions will not

    • jackjiarocks

      because its over-rated

  • stann

    Galaxy S was $499, then Galaxy S3 was $650, now S4 is $700? Prices should go down, not up.

    • chris

      I think I read somewhere that the specs and popularity have gone up with the S4 over the S3 and S.

    • jackjiarocks

      Next Year- Galaxy S5 $750

    • anjew

      its funny because people blame apple for being pricey

    • jackjiarocks

      people should blame both Apple and Samsung for being too greedy yet more tend to go for these two brands

  • beyond

    more like $699 outwrong
    ’cause these inflated cell phone prices are just wrong !

    • Tony

      Live within your means. Simple.

  • EvanKrosney

    I’ll never understand WIND. Uber cheap plans with unusually high device prices.

    • chris

      What’s not to understand? It’s just a different business model. You end up breaking even if not saving quite a bit of money after the three years, do the math.

  • Henry0623

    Overprice much? This better be the 32GB

    • John Smith

      buy it on rogers then

    • expat

      If you need 32 GB, just stick a micro SD in it.

    • anjew

      you cant store many apps/drm music on SD

    • Henry0623

      Apps my friend apps..

  • Jill

    Do not need the latest and greatest for my needs. Have been holding off on getting the S3 till e S4 came out. Now just waiting for th price drop before heading over to buy the S3.

    • expat

      The S3 is still hot! You will get a discount, but not that much…

    • Sak Hus

      Better wait till 2014 when S5 will come along and then buy an S3 which will be even more cheaper.

    • anjew

      why not get an s2 its uber cheap nao

  • eric

    Just got my S4 from Mobilicity. loving it so far. Everything on it is just perfect !

    model number for AWS is SGH-M919V btw.

  • Josh

    Right now wind is having a “lightly loved” phone sale so basically all the phones that have less then 30 minutes of talk time and have been returned within 2 weeks, they just have lying around, and they are now selling them for really good prices, I couldn’t find a better price on Kijiji, Yesterday I bought a blue galaxy S3 from them, and all the stuff was still wrapped up, only thing i didn’t get was a box, but other than that. it was perfect. Not a single scratch. Very happy!