Update: Skype (Preview) now available to download for the BlackBerry Q10, Dev Alpha C

Ian Hardy

April 24, 2013 12:10pm


The BlackBerry Q10 is hitting Canadian soil on May 1st and today the comeback carrier of 2013* announced apps that will be compatible at launch. The newest app, plus most anticipated, is Skype. In addition, BlackBerry stated in their “New-App Wednesday” mailing list that Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nobex Radio, Box, Dropbox and Angry Birds will all be available to download on the QWERTY device. In addition, “in the upcoming weeks” ATP Tour, Cut the Rope and Viber app will arrive for both the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10. *our viewpoint.

Update: Well that was fast. Skype for BlackBerry 10 is now available in BlackBerry World, but only for the BlackBerry Q10 and Dev Alpha C… Z10 users will have to wait a wee bit.
Download it here.

  • Xelstyle

    Another huge +1 for Blackberry. The arguments against them are growing smaller each day.

    Now if only the Playbook gets updated sooner than later…

    • hoo dat

      BB10 on PlayBook won’t happen until closer to the end of the year, they have 4 more devices to launch between then and now and their resources are focused on those.

  • BlackBerryBlink

    Love it… Here we go.. should have been here awhile back but better late than never.

  • Sweet

    Errr…BB isn’t a carrier. 🙂

  • Sweet

    Good point. Now that I’m with Mobilicity, my plan includes unlimited long-distance calls to anywhere in Canada and the US. So I hardly use Skype anymore.

  • TomsDisqusted

    What’s wrong with an Android version? Android was designed as a portable run-time that can run on any OS that has the necessary features and characteristics. So it’s not like its native to Linux and hacked onto BB10 – it functions the same way on BB10 as it does on Linux.

    The only issues are ones that anyone can see and judge for themselves: the integration with the rest of the UI.

    Given how hard it is to establish a new platform, I think BB was very smart to recognize this opportunity and execute it so well.

  • can trin

    @ Collin William – Clearly you are an isheep and afraid of the great BB comeback. What is wrong with an andriod port? They work perfectly and might I add..Skype (Microsoft) worked with BB to ensure that the app works flawlessly on BB10 devices. Crawl back under your rock…oh by the way..Apple stock is still hovering at about $401.00 as I write this..while BBRY is up another 3%..

  • WP74Life

    WP ?

  • WhoCares1000

    I’m on a Z10 and it says “The item is not available for your selected device.” 🙁

    • hoo dat

      It’s coming, for some reason they want to launch it on the Q10 first.

    • taylor

      my guess is it needs 10.1 to work, which wont be out right away for the z10

  • Jonathan Cohen

    I just tried to download Skype on my Blackberry Z10 and it says “unavailable for this device”.

  • pierre

    The sideload of kijiji app from android works flawlessly

  • Mythos88

    Skype is responsible for 25% and rising of the world’s long distance minutes now.

  • Twonald

    you know what is way better than Skype? Google hangout. serioulsy, the quality of video calls on Skype is so piss-poor i don’t know why people still use it.