TELUS releases the BlackBerry Curve 9320, prices it at $249.99 outright

Ian Hardy

August 15, 2012 3:02pm

“Communicating has never been this quick and easy.” Those are the words that TELUS has used to describe the newly released BlackBerry Curve 9320. This “iconic” Berry has shown up at other retailers, such as Mobilicty, Koodo, Virgin and SaskTel for $150 outright, but TELUS has put a perplexing price tag on this QWERTY smartphone. This dedicated BBM button device can be yours for a hundred bucks more at $249.99 outright, then falls to $0 on a 3-year.

If interested, grab it here from TELUS
(Thanks Todd!)

  • Plan Shopper

    SERIOUSLY!!! $249??? Come on Telus. Even for you that’s a stretch.

    • BB10?

      Is this BB10?

    • Simpson

      Is this bb 10?
      crap, someone asked that already

    • Simpson


    • koodos2koodo

      Koodo has the 9320 for $150 with $50 Visa GCard
      or $99 Outright.
      Simmilar pricing can be gotten at Futureshop, BestBuy, WalMart and Presidents Choice-Mobyle Shop.

      $100 or $159 vs $250 is just too much.

      Telus has a “Nokia-RIM” sense of “They will come to me” but now that the devices are the same across different vendors, the only difference is price and TELUS will loose!

      By the way: WTF is that “Starting Device Balance”??
      That new pricing model only COMPLICATES THINGS!
      Its the same as no contract, month by month,of Rogers.
      Something like $50 less from the No Term price, but they are STILL TOO EXPENSIVE! how about just lowering their no term prices to the Starting Device Balance”??
      EPIC FAIL!

    • koodos2koodo

      (On the phone)
      -Hello, I need the price of a phone, can you help me?

      -Certainly! do you want the No term, Starting Device Balance, 3yr contract with a min $50 monthly bill, 3yr term with any plan, 2yr, one yr or pre-paid- price?

      -Wow tht’s too complicated for me!

      -In that case just check the easy pricing of Virgin or Koodo and add $70-200,that’s the Telus price!

      -Now we are talking!I’ll take the one koodo has for $150 less

      -Your Credit card number sir….?

  • TestMe

    In before the ‘Is it BB10?’

  • brrro

    Well, retail pricve is supposed to be $199, & Telus gladly admits that they sell their phones at the highest price point.

    Wind is finally getting this tomorrow, & they’re selling it for $199 outright.

    • hoo dat

      Retail price in Canada is $149.99 and so far the carriers have done a good job of sticking to it with only Mobilicity threatening to put it up to $199 at some point. I’m guessing they won’t.

  • Lil Wayne

    No one cares about this lol

  • Big Ang

    Ahhhh……Telus……. Why $250? …..Is it because you’re still basing everything on your 3year contracts? $0 with a 3year contract doesn’t make sense if the price off-contract is $150, so you raise the price to $250.

    Makes perfect sense.

  • robbers123

    what the eff is this sh1t

  • hoo dat

    WIND’s just about to launch this phone, if they go a penny over $150 they’ll be charging too much. What makes Telus think that they can get away with $250??

  • Scott

    (yawn) Ho hum, another obsolete Blackberry handset… tell me again why this is news?

  • Aria

    The sweetest comment on Mobilesyrup is “is this bb1o?” It always makes me laugh for its redundancy but it still stands out among all 😀

    the comments that i totally dislike are Apple Sales Guy’s :/ The comments always sound so ignorant :/

    Go Rim! 😀

  • Darren

    I used to love the “RIM?” comments for the same reason. Could be the same guy.

  • Justin

    Virgin price is $149, unlocking is only $15….. There is still left over savings for an sd card, case, car charger. A little on the high side for this phone TELUS

  • HighClass FrenchCricket

    If you want this phone go to walmart and look in the discount bins in the electronics section. It is being sold for $130+tax locked to virgin it is offered in both black and white. Do not pay telus $250+tax for this. Telus has achieved shame.

  • brad

    Erm, telus prepaid at WalMart is $150?

    • HighClass FrenchCricket

      telus is selling the 9300 for $150 on prepaid…virgin is selling the 9320 for $130 on prepaid

  • Jebus

    Why do people care so much on this phone’s price? I rather Telus charge more for this phone and less for something I actualy want.

    • Big Ang

      Ummm….. that’s not how retail works bro.

  • HighClass FrenchCricket

    Telus is good for charging less on refurbishes. Good prices on refurbished phones but thats all. Everything else is full price .