SwiftKey for Android updated with new themes, languages and bug fixes for Galaxy S III and Jelly Bean

SwiftKey for Android is hands-down our favourite third-party keyboard for Google’s OS, followed closely by Swype (hat tip to Thumb Keyboard). While Google made some significant improvements to its stock input system in Ice Cream Sandwich and again in Jelly Bean, only users of Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S have access to those versions. Manufacturers continue to disrupt the smooth flow of input by insisting on messing with a good thing — while some are better than others, no OEM has created a keyboard to match the awesome and intuitive SwiftKey 3.

Today’s update brings a few needed bug fixes for the Galaxy S III in Chrome and Google Talk, along with some requisite fixes for other devices. Two new languages accompany two new summerish themes, and you can now use Google’s Voice Dictation feature in Android 4.0 or 4.1.

SwiftKey can be trialled for one month at no cost, but after the demo is  over it costs $3.99 for the full version.

Source: SwiftKey Blog
Via: Engadget