Bell Mobile TV update now includes HD programming for Galaxy Note, Galaxy S III and iPad (video)

Daniel Bader

July 26, 2012 4:05pm

The Bell Mobile TV app has been updated to version 4.3.7, adding HD content on seven channels for select devices. These include the new iPad, the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S III, with others to come soon.

So I thought I’d take a look at the overall look of media content available on the iPad (some of which is also available for Android and BlackBerry). These include City TV, Global Video, CBC TV, CTV, Bell Mobile TV (Android), CTV Olympics (Android), Netflix (Android) and Plex (Android).

The scope of network tablet apps has grown in recent months as all the major Canadian networks have launched some sort of content service, whether subscription- or ad-based, on the iPad and iPhone, and in some cases Android and BlackBerry. We didn’t take a look at the Rogers Anyplace TV (Android) in this segment, but that is also available to Rogers customers and covers much of the same City TV content.

Take a look after the break for an overview of what Canadians can watch today, and look forward to over the coming weeks with the Olympics.

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  • Samuel Maskell

    the latest update also adds support for jelly bean. it used to crash before but it works fine now on my galaxy nexus.

  • Matt

    Bell Mobile TV is by far the best as far as it comes to content on the go. They’ve got the most and it is easy to access and doe snot use data. Dollar per hour is pretty high, but negligible considering how many plans include it.

  • Shaggyskunk

    What about PlayThing aka Failbook

  • Scott

    I just looked on the google play store, it’s showing 4.3.0 as the latest version. What’s up with that? Am I missing something?

  • S2556

    Does anyone know a good app i can get to do this on my telus GS3?

  • Khota

    I once paid $200 to get rid of my Bell TV. It is really that bad!