Google updates Earth for iPhone and iPad to support 3D imaging


  • Sean

    I have used the new Apple Maps a bit on my iPad and there are ver few cities hat were 3D mapped like New York and London didn’t have it done awhile Google had all the cities i looked at including Vancouver where I live which I was not expecting

    • Apple Sales Guy

      Hi Sean,

      Apple maps is not where it should be yet. But Google maps has been around since the dinosaurs, yet Apple maps is already quite close to them, and already better in lots of ways. With our accelerated research methods and advanced software development, we will surpass google maps in no time.
      Let me reassure you with these words:
      “The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming”


    • Jamesology

      Actually Apple Maps is TomTom which also has been around since the dinosaur ages.

  • Dinora Salmeron Martinez

    I love google I want. To have my on pege

  • 1234APPLE

    WELCOME 2011