Confirmed: Bell launching HTC One S May 17th

Ian Hardy

May 2, 2012 7:48pm

The HTC One S will be coming to Canada and will be available on Bell, Virgin, SaskTel and TELUS. Last week we saw Virgin Mobile go live with their registration for this Android 4.0 Beats integrated device. In the Virgin terms and conditions they stated that it “will be available for activation in-stores and online on Thursday, May 17, 2012.”

Now, according to an internal doc we received, we can confirm that Bell will also be releasing the One S on this date – Thursday, May 17th. As for the price point, the retail price that was in Virgin also noted that it has a “retail value of $600” and we can confirm that Bell will be “$599.95 – at launch.”

We’ll have more info soon on other price points, but in the meantime of the One S launching make sure you check out our hands-on here.

(Thanks tipster!)


    Nice one bell! Too bad not HTC one x. Anyways the S3 is noe going to be the next biggest thing

  • Dycke Pound

    I simply cannot withhold my erection until May 17.

    • ToniCipriani

      You probably should visit a doctor, not the Bell store.

      A shrink while you’re at it.

  • android fan

    its about time telus the HTC one s is nice a nice phone but my question is with rogers 90 day exclusive on the one x will u pick up ur own version of the one x on later date maybe the summer

  • XER

    HTC needs to offer the choice for consumer who wants to buy these devices outright and unlocked and don’t want to deal with any carriers and contracts.

  • AG

    What about Fido?

  • Matthew

    Theres very little reason to get this with the rogers htc one x. Sure its exclusive but they all pretty much offer the same prices, if coverage is bad then dont get it but otherwise theres not much difference between the carriers

  • jellmoo

    Hmm… I’m not sold on the price point. It seems like there are more bang for your buck deals available right now, with there being higher profile phones just on the horizon.

  • Theywillbepissed

    That is not a good price! One X is only 30 dollars more and has lte, bigger screen with better screen technology, NFC, Better design (in my opinion), and higher screen resolution. When are carriers can wake up with these off contract prices!!!

  • ace

    with the galaxy nexus at 399 will definitely undercut some sales.

  • Joelb

    You can already pick up a One S on for $569.99.

  • Nora

    When is bell going to release the htc one x? I’ve had my eyes on the phone for a while now but my only problem is it’s not available for bell customers..! Definitely sucks big time.