Update: Rogers to launch the Sony Xperia S

Ian Hardy

March 23, 2012 3:07pm

Looking for one of the next devices to land on Rogers? It could be the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 LTE that is “coming soon”, possibly on April 10th. But another device is en route. Sony Mobile Communications – formerly Sony Ericsson – has just posted a picture on their Facebook page that clearly states that Xperia S is heading to Rogers.

It was just yesterday that Sony stated the Xperia S “is shipping globally“… no word of when it will actually arrive, as usual it’s “Coming Soon”, but it should land sometime in April. Highlighted specs of this Android have it coming OS 2.3.7 (will be upgraded to OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich), a 4.3-inch display (720 x 1280), 1.5Ghz dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor, 1GB RAM, 12MP camera that captures 1080p HD videos, NFC and Playstation certified. We’ll have more info soon – in the meantime check out our hands-on here.

Update: Here’s a bizarre twist to this story. The link below now leads to the general Sony Facebook page and the Xperia S and accessories (including the SmartWatch and NFC Smartags) have been removed. Rogers even sent me an email stating that “I can confirm that while this device will work on the Rogers network, we will not be selling it directly“. We’re also hearing that Sony will be selling this directly in the Sony store, possibly unlocked. Perhaps we’ll hear more next week.

Source: Sony Facebook
(Thanks Micheal!)

  • Ron

    “12MP camera that captures…” what does it capture exactly?


      Welcome 2011 specification except 12MP camera

      4.3″ too small

  • Jeeverz

    Not to be a negative ned, but if you are in the market looking for an Android device.. wait for the HTC ONE X, it is by far the best Android device announced to date.

    • Andy

      I endorse this comment.

    • bob

      Either the One X or the SGS3.

      If you can’t wait for either of these, just get a Galaxy Nexus.

    • Theywillbedead

      I agree, personally I would have dropped the camera on the xperia s down to 8 mp to be a competitor with the one s, then I would bring the xperia ion to Canada and give it an s4 processor to make it a one x competitor. Then the ion would have a 4.5″ 720p display, 12 mp camera, LTE, s4. Also, both ion and xperia s need ics

    • Nade

      4.3″ vs 4.7″

  • Tharan

    Knew it’d be going to Rogers! It really needs ICS though.

  • hinds

    With ics it will be an awesome Xperia device. It should have shipped with ics from the start for a flagship device! all in all a solid device by Sony.

  • kyle

    sweet. actually want this one

  • RyanOver

    that’s sucks… Rogers have the best phone… XPERIA S gon’ be exclusive to Rogers, just like the HTC One XL.. with Bell still have crappy phone ?

    • Tomatoes

      What? Bell has by far the best smartphones. The definitive version of the S2 as an exclusive. The galaxy nexus before everyone else. At one point they were the only ones with dual core phones with the atrix, sensation, LG Optimus LTE, and the S2. Every single one of them exclusive. They go for the best phones rather aggressively.

      Anyone complaining about bell because of their phone selections are on a serious amount of crack.

  • pasuljko

    If you pre-order now and sign 3 yr contract (on eligible plan of $70 or more) you will get a free video rental at participating Rogers Video stores as well as Rogers1Number, the only number you should not call.

    Nice phone, shame for messed up mobile market where devices are “exclusive”.

  • kris

    i have to say, with rogers getting the one x and now this they are really looking good for next gen devices. im curious to see who will get the lg optimus 4x hd and of course the galaxy s3 which samsung has already stated they want to do a global carrier wide launch so im thinking all big 3 will get it just as they did the nexus

  • multicool20

    I think the Xperia P has won me over. Sorry Xperia S, but the Xperia P just looks too beautiful.

    • Ron Mexico

      Agreed, the Xperia P is a sweet beast

  • Micheal

    I notice that the Facebook Products tab that the link refers to is no longer available. Maybe they weren’t meant to share that info before Rogers did. Glad I caught it when I did.

  • Tomatoes

    I am guessing that bell will have the S3 for a 4 month exclusive again, effectively owning what Rogers can manage to secure.

    • Eluder

      Not gonna happen this time around.
      From what we’ve seen, Samsung is only releasing one variant of the GS3 and it won’t be exclusive to anyone.
      Last time this happened because there were 3 variants, so basically everyone got a different version.
      Personally I felt Rogers got the best one since it was the only one with LTE and LTE is a far better experience than a slightly snappier processor, but that’s just my experience.

  • Andy

    I still can’t believe these companies are launching new phones with Gingerbread!! They should be ashamed. ICS has been out for almost 6 months and they have the nerve to launch it with old software. They will suffer in sales because of this..

  • Dimitri.k

    Yea Rogers told me the same as well :/. Either rogers will not release it Sony made a mistake with saying it before Rogers does. It sucks because I really wantt this phone.

  • 69iner

    why not Telus!!!

  • Tec675

    Sony and Rogers have to start working better together. Even the buy now link for the arc S just goes to the arc on the Rogers site. The HTC one x is a nice phone but a little big. My perfect phone would be the Sony arc with the specs of the xperia s.

  • Brett

    “What? Bell has by far the best smartphones. The definitive version of the S2 as an exclusive. The galaxy nexus before everyone else. At one point they were the only ones with dual core phones with the atrix, sensation, LG Optimus LTE, and the S2. Every single one of them exclusive. They go for the best phones rather aggressively.

    Anyone complaining about bell because of their phone selections are on a serious amount of crack.”

    You’re kidding right? All of those phones suck. Rogers has the S2 LTE, Razr, and now the Lumia (if you like windows phones.) The sensation is terrible, the Atrix used to be ok, but is crap now, the optimus is LG… nuff said… And the Nexus is ridiculously over rated. couple that with Bells terrible CS and archaic plan structure and is a perfect recipe for Failcake.

    • Tomatoes

      The Galaxy S2 bell used the Exynos chipset which was way better than the qualcomm used in the S2 LTE. It is also smaller, thinner, and lighter with a higher pixel density. Not to mention it looks like 10 x better.

      The Senasation is HTC’s best phone still.

      LG phones are not that bad actually. They make some decent screens.

      Doesn’t matter how you spin it. They were the only company with a dual core phone for an entire summer. They had 4 dualcore phones for about 6 months while every other carrier had none. Spin that as you might, you can’t.

  • Arshille

    Confirmed with Sony Style in Winnipeg that the Xperia S will be available on April 17th.

  • Tomatoes

    As far as the Bell S2 vs the Rogers one. The Bell one has the actual Samsung boot up screen while the Rogers one had the ugly red Rogers boot up. Not to mention an ugly Rogers logo on the back.

    Enough said.

  • StEC

    I really do hope this is sold ulocked in the Sony Store!!! If it is would it work on Wind’s network?

    • Dimitri.k

      As far as i know Sony stores should sell it unlocked. This means tho that Rogers will get it seeing as Sony already spilled the beans on it threw facebook. Rogers just wanted to be first on saying it Rogers just wanted them to take it down seeing as they wanted to announce it before Sony did. It makes sense but now we know Rogers is getting it.

      As for the networks i think it should
      2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
      3G Network HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 – LT26i

      I am not to good with Wind’s networks but if anyone else can comment is good.

    • Tomatoes

      The Sony stores in Vancouver sell only Rogers phones. Not sure if that will change if other carriers decide to carry the Xperia line.

  • riya

    I’m still using the old Nokia 3350 I bought a few years back when I eetnred the digital age. It works, doesn’t have any frills and I own it outright using prepaid credit rather than being locked into a contract.I feel that there are too many features on todays phones phones are for talking only, radios for listening, cameras for snapping etc so I will resist buying a new one until this one dies completely.Buy a blue one though

  • Donald

    I suggest you check out Choice Magazine (for PCs). The estlat one has an article on the best phones out, of which your old one (like mine) came 4th, which is pretty damn good considering mine’s been out for over a year now and it’s still better than most the new ones. Ours were also the most reasonably priced at around $700 when the other three were over $1000. Just a suggestion 🙂

  • jonathan

    When is the xperia s or any 2012 xperia phone gonna hit rogers store come on roger I need a new phone mine might as well be fried works half a** dont know why