RIM invites developers to attend “BlackBerry 10 Jam”

Ian Hardy

March 15, 2012 11:58am

RIM is getting ready for BlackBerry World 2012 (May 1st to 3rd), this is where we’ll most likely see the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. In conjunction with this RIM has also sent a message to the developer community to come participate in the “BlackBerry 10 Jam”. RIM says this is “a conference dedicated to providing the BlackBerry developer community with insights on the BlackBerry 10 platform; its strengths, the vision, and how developers can make applications that stand out, as well as drive usability and loyalty.”

Here are the full session details, which costs $299(USD):

– BlackBerry Native SDK – a C/C++ environment with support for open source libraries
– HTML5+BlackBerry WebWorks™ – HTML5 tools with an added layer for app enhancement through BlackBerry WebWorks
– Adobe Flash – The AIR SDK for BlackBerry allows developers to build apps with Flash+AIR tools
– Android – the BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps will run applications that have been packaged from APK files to BAR files and submitted to BlackBerry App World

RIM also noted that “Developers will gain insight on building applications for the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 later this year”. It was recently announced that the latest BlackBerry App World houses over 60,000 apps and see over 174 million apps downloaded every month. In addition, RIM claimed that since launching the App World they have seen over 2 billion app downloads to date.

If you’re interested, check out all the info here at BlackBerry 10 Jam
(Thanks Alex!)

  • saku49

    ha, first!

    • Yo Soy Fiesta

      They are charging developers to attend?

      The sole purpose for this is because RIM is trying to raise money to fund their sinking ship.

    • Gr8Article

      Are you serious???
      They are CHARGING MONEY for developers to attend???

    • Gr8Article

      They are charging developers but the entry includes a Playbook with Keyboard

  • saku49

    if bb10 supports flash and android apps i’m switching back in a heart beat. i realize i’ll have to wait about a year before they are released here but what the hell. gotta support a canadian company even though they are a few years behind on it …

  • nw222

    lets hope to hear something big!

  • Jim Baseline

    Yes, i am so excited. Here comes May!

  • Monkey Face

    Will it come with native email?

  • Ron

    I think they should be paying Devs not the other way around…

  • Anonymous

    Lol yeah, 100% agree with Ron ^. I don’t think many people are going to attend that conference for a price of $300 when BB is “dying” so to speak. If they were smart (or at least, not stupid) they’d let people in for free. Only people willing to pay that are people who already know how to develop.
    Just because it’s easier to port an Android app over doesn’t mean people are going to pay $300 to learn how. The only thing I’d pay $300 to l2use is HTML5, dat s**t better be more OP than flash in a year. If not, Adobe is also extremely dumb (or scared for lawsuits :>?).

    • Ron

      The way I see it RIM stabbed any potential exclusive BB Dev in the back. Why include Android compatibility? It’s not even a flawless implementation. If you’re going to do that pick a strategy and stake your business on it not go in half pregnant. I would be fine either way. Playbook should either be 100% Android and focus on flawless Hardware execution OR no android and build a great device and great software experience with a thriving app community which means a proverbial olive branch to loyal Devs. Come on RIM! Commitment, Focus and Execution!

  • Blah blah blah

    Remember when the new CEO came in to play and everyone on here was saying we should all buy their stock… Yeah it’s actually gone down and is still in the $13 range. Just because their Canadian doesn’t mean we have to go on pretending they deserve to succeed. Bad business = failure wherever they’re from.

  • Ron Mexico

    RIM just confirmed they’ve sold all 100 tickets. Success!

  • Plazmic Flame

    Totally agree with Ron. Android will be the downfall of BB10 in my opinion, it’s like poison. Android isn’t even stable yet and RIM is allowing it into its “secure” platform? Let’s see how enterprise customers like that… =/