Upcoming SaskTel HTC Radar to be $370 outright

Ian Hardy

February 13, 2012 12:07pm

SaskTel recently announced they’ll be releasing the Windows Phone Mango 7.5 HTC Radar. This device is still noted as “coming soon”, but the pricing has now been revealed. The Radar will top out at a respectable $369.99 and falls to $49.99 on a 3-year. Other carriers such as WIND Mobile and Videotron are expected to release this WP7 smartphone soon, possibly at similar pricing.

Source: SaskTel
(Thanks Scott!)

  • Craig

    Amazing pricing! Windows Phone could really take off at these prices…

    • Mister Ree

      Nexus S is 300 outright from mobilicity, and better too. WITH ANDROID

  • me

    Pffft. Fail. The Nokia 710 is $250. $120 is not worth the FFC.

    • bob

      Agreed. I also only has a 1GHz CPU vs 1.4 GHz in the Nokia.
      That phone should be $250 at most.

  • Rich

    I’d wait for Nokia devices when it comes to Windows phones.

  • royy

    Sastel…., you might want to correct that Ian.

  • Alex Perrier

    This is very steep pricing indeed, but it is to be expected from carriers like SaskTel. They are the same company that charges $125/month for unlimited Saskatchewan-wide calling, texting and Internet access. Regina must be waiting for WIND, which hopefully will arrive there before summer to provide much better value.

    Remember, those regional providers charge a LOT! MTS has the goofy price of $480 for a Motorola Spice. Vidéotron has big price tags that don’t make sense, too, like $210 for a Nokia 5230 or $530 for an LG Optimus 2X.

    Carriers like WIND and Mobilicity would most often offer better value for handsets than regional or the Big 3 carriers. Hopefully, WIND and Mobilicity sell the HTC Radar for under $300 outright! It would be difficult for it to compete at the same or higher price than the HTC Panache or Google Nexus S!

  • graison swaan

    i’d rather have the titan or focus s

  • 15ive

    What are those i****s at SaskTel thinking? The Nokia Lumnia 710 is $255.

  • 15ive

    This phone should be sold for around $199. Anything about that is just outright evil.

  • 15ive

    edit: Anything above that is just outright evil.

  • swizzlerz

    maybe its price is higher due to costs. maybe because they only cover one province they purchased less so the price is higher per unit.. ppu price per unit. the more you buy the cheeper it is.. come on people what do you expect from saskatuwan??