Over 1500 apps have been submitted to BlackBerry App World, 6600 developers registered in last two weeks


  • David

    Bribes work. More at 11.

    • notlol

      Playbooks at 3/$1,000; $299; $250: $200; $150……
      And there are still Playbooks around to give to developers just to convert their apps to BB??
      I’m starting to belive that there are still 500,000 Playbooks
      Its Feb 16th and still no word about the native email app for Playbook and the ipad 3 is coming in two months or less!

    • hoo dat

      Sorry to disappoint you, but today’s February 13th. OS2 is due for release on February 17th.

  • Mark

    Good for RIM. It is about time the sparked some kind of positive news. Hopefully those devs will use their shiny new tablets to keep working on the platform rather than just take the price and cash out.

    • Rob

      Most apps submitted will at least make the $150-200 bucks that they are currently selling the playbooks for after RIM gets 30% of the profits from those app sales, so its a smart move for them.

  • TnT

    love my playbook, but the app selection is horrible.

    Hopefully these are quality apps and not fart sounds

  • p2k

    More like 6600 people after free playbooks…

    • p2k

      Sorry 6600 – 1500, so 5100 people after free playbooks…

  • Tom

    This will make a huge difference.

    The Playbook runs Android apps extremely well. It is going to go from having almost no apps, to tons overnight!

  • Will Robertson

    Note the 1500 apps and 6600 developers are not limited to Android, that includes Native, AIR, and HTML5 too.

  • royy

    That is a big step for RIM. Finally!

  • Marco

    Excellent news. I just hope those apps will work on BBs and on Playbooks, otherwise it would be really dumb.

  • cheenachatze

    Great news! I love my Book!

  • notlol

    Great news for RIM; now they will have 1500 playbooks less to sell at $99.

    I will get one if it comes with a BB Curve!

  • Canucks4Life

    Hoping Skype is one of those 1500 new apps…I’ve tried imo.im with browser but never could get webcam 2 work properly.

  • jeremy

    I tried to put our Android app into the blackberry app world, but had to give up after wasting 2 days on it. This is for something that should have been a 5 minute operation.

    It took a day to try to get RIM’s crap conversion and signing tools to work to the point I could try the app on an existing Playbook.

    After that, I blew another day trying to use their app world vendor portal to submit the app. It fails every time, but only at the very end of the stupid 5 step submission process and it refuses to save anything along the way so the developer has to start all over.

    I’m amazed they got as many apps as they did.

    They’re so developer-hostile they deserve to die in the marketplace.

    • hoo dat

      I’ve been following the dev process for the PlayBook for a few months now and you are, by far, the first to complain about submitting an app. Everyone’s been raving about the process, how easy and quick it is.

      Just sayin’ is all.

    • hoo dat

      The is one of the latest comments @ BlackBerry Dev:

      “The Android Packager is great, took me less than half an hour to submit my repackaged Android App.”

  • new_tradition

    I’m pretty happy to here this. I there’s some good apps to come ^^

  • new_tradition



  • Andrew

    These better not be books or some stupid calculator app. There are enough of these crapbox apps in the app world right now. Approve the legit and useful apps FIRST!!