Looks like an April release for the TELUS Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G

Ian Hardy

March 31, 2011 3:36pm

TELUS announced on March 8th that they’ll be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G within 30-60 days. Well, a bit of progress as it seems that this will actually be available sometime in April. According to the latest Future Shop Cell Shop flyer (expires on April 30th) it shows the Fascinate 4G as “coming soon”. Unfortunately no price is listed for this Android 2.2 device (will eventually be upgraded to OS 2.3 Gingerbread).

Other specs have it coming with a 4-inch super AMOLED touch screen, 1GHz processor, reaches download speeds of up to 21 megabits per second (Mbps), Wi-Fi hotspot, 5.0 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom, front facing camera for easy video calling and holds up to 32 GB.

In the meantime of this launching you can check out our quick video overview here.

(Thanks Bryan!)

  • Donovan

    Yes. I can’t wait for this phone to come out!!!!!!

  • crunch204

    with the upcoming nexus s, this phone will be ignored. strange move telus

  • mdazz

    Why now, Galaxy S2 coming soon. Should have done his 4 months ago.

  • Tom

    Samsung makes some great phones, but they need to start coming out with so many different versions. They should have just 3 or 4 Android phones and spend more time testing each.

    Variety is good, but only to a point.

  • Rich

    The theoretical 21mbps is the only impressive thing about this phone. I think most phones are still in the 7->14 range.

  • Jerry

    I would personally wait a few more months for the Galaxy S2 with Dual core, better screen, more RAM etc. This is just a Galaxy S with a new chip. No flash on the camera. You are better off with the Google Nexus S if you can’t wait.

  • George

    What’s with Telus’ new phone releases? It is lagging behind so much. Why are they focusing on these outdated phones? I just wish they could have anything that is actually announced this year, like Bell’s Atrix, Incredible S or Rogers’ Xperia Play.

    Fascinate 4G is just last year’s hardware with a new piece of hardware inside, don’t even get me start on the HD and the Defy.

    • zorxd

      To be fair, the Incredible S is last year’s hardware (it’s a smaller Desire HD). And so is the XperiaPlay.
      In fact the Galaxy S 4G is more powerful than both of these devices (better GPU, faster HSPA+ radio) and have a better display.

  • Thomas

    The SGS2 doesn’t even have a date yet. Telus wanted to release something for April, so here you have it. Don’t whine if you have no interest in buying the phone, move on. There will be plenty of people buying this very capable handset.

  • roccos_van

    Guys don’t buy this phone is you want support from the development community…I had the first sgs fascinate and we had to load roms for other sgs versions and never got a fully custom kernel. Get the sgs II when it comes out. Sent from my DHD with gingerbread sense.

    • chulamin

      Who are you with that you have Gingerbread on your DHD?

  • roccos_van

    Check out xda…gingerbread leaked two weeks ago!

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