Whoopi Goldberg takes a stand against Diablo IV’s lack of Apple support

We wouldn't want to be between Whoopi Goldberg and her favourite game

Diablo IV

World-famous actress, comedian, and author Whoopi Goldberg took to Instagram to voice a complaint against Activision Blizzard. She expressed her frustration that, after purchasing Diablo IV, she came to find that it wasn’t playable on her Mac.

Though Goldberg has been able to play past Diablo games on her Mac, Diablo IV didn’t get an Apple release.

“There’s a lot of terrible things happening in the world,” Goldberg prefaced her complaint, “but what I’m about to tell you is not on any scale like that. This is me kvetching about my favourite game.”

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Plenty of PC games are available on Microsoft Windows but not macOS; this is usually attributed to the fact that the money earned from Apple users wouldn’t even out with the cost of porting the game. In addition, Macs just aren’t designed for gaming despite Apple’s claims, making the porting process complicated. However, at WWDC 2023 Apple announced a Game Porting Toolkit that’s intended to make it easier for Microsoft Windows games to run on Apple devices.

“This is what I’m asking you, Blizzard. Blizzard Entertainment, this is Whoopi. You know how much I love Diablo. I would like y’all to let those of us who use our Apples to play.”

Goldberg implored Activision Blizzard to at least port Diablo IV, even if future Diablo games are unavailable on Apple’s computers.

“Give me my Diablo IV, ’cause I paid for it, I was all excited for it, I went to play on it, and, I’m tellin’ you, this really pissed me off! And I love my game! So. Let me keep my IV, okay? Tell me next time. Say, ‘we’re done on Apple.’ But let me have the IV. Let me play on the IV, ’cause you made me so excited for it.”

Activision Blizzard has not commented on Goldberg’s plea yet. It’s unlikely that a massive corporation will port the game just for one celebrity. If someone deserves it, though, it’s Whoopi Goldberg.

Right now, Diablo IV is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and Microsoft Windows. Read our review of Diablo IV here.

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