Google’s Pixel Watch shuts off to protect against overheating

The watch is smart enough to fight back against damaging levels of heat

It’s well-known that high temperatures and electronics don’t mix well. Thankfully, a Reddit user who left their Pixel Watch in a sun-doused car returned to find that the device had taken matters into its own hand (via 9to5Google).

A “watch was too warm” notification alerted the user that it “turned off to cool down and is now running normally.” This behaviour is in line with Google’s Pixel smartphones, which also auto-shutoff when they detect it’s necessary.

Left my watch in the car while on the lake all day. Cool feature I didn’t know about. Great watch so far!
by u/jab_storm82 in PixelWatch

The behaviour is not unique to Google devices, as Apple’s lineup of iPhones also respond to damaging heat levels in much the same manner.

Excessive heat can be very destructive to the battery and processor components of electronic devices. In some cases, it can even be dangerous when talking about overheating batteries.

As summer arrives and with it warmer weather, it’s highly advisable not to store your electronic devices in your vehicle if it’s parked out in the sun.

Source: jab_storm82 Via 9to5Google