Vidéotron rolls out $55/50GB Canada-U.S. plan

The price tag only applies if the plan is bundled with internet

Vidéotron is offering bonus data on its $55/month Canada-U.S. plan option.

Customers can now get a total of 50GB of data. The plan previously offered 40GB of data in total.

Vidéotron’s website breaks the 50GB data down as “25GB + bonus 25GB.” However, Vidéotron only increased the plan’s data by 10GB from its previous offering.

A second caveat is the $55/month cost only applies to customers who couple the purchase with an internet plan. Without the bundling, the plan costs $70/month.

Vidéotron’s Canada-U.S. plan options on May 31st

A second Canada-U.S. promo is offering 25GB of data for $50/month if coupled with internet services. Without it, the plan costs $65/month.

A similar bundle option is also available for one Canada-only plan. Customers can get 15GB of data for use in Canada for $45/month if bundled with an internet service. Without it, the plan costs $55/month.

Relatedly, Freedom Mobile, which also runs under the Québecor brand, is offering a $50/40GB Canada-U.S. plan.

More details are available on Vidéotron’s website.