Chatr offering 8GB of bonus data on several 3G and 4G plans

Customers can also get one month's fee in credit on all plans

Chatr is offering customers two new bonuses on a majority of its plans.

The first offer gives users 8GB of bonus data a month for 8 months. New and existing customers can take advantage of the promotion as the fine print doesn’t limit the offer’s eligibility.

The second offer gives customers one month’s fee in credit on their second anniversary. While this is available on all Chatr plans, it’s limited to new activations only.

Chatr’s 4G plan options on May 31st, 2023.

Both deals apply to the following 3G plans:

  • $70/20GB
  • $60/15GB
  • $50/10GB
  • $40/5GB

Both deals also apply to these 4G plans:

  • $75/20GB
  • $65/15GB
  • $55/10GB
  • $45/5GB
  • $40/2.5GB

The credit-only offer applies to these plans:

  • $35/2.5GB (3G)
  • $30/1GB( 3G)
  • $25/500MB (3G)
  • $35/1GB (4G)
  • $30/500MB (4G)
  • $15/month for 100 Canada-wide minutes (talk and text only)

More details are available on Chatr’s website.