Bell CEO calls on government to stop intervening on telecom matters

The call is in contrast to the company's push to get the government to rule on wireless connectivity on the TTC

Bell’s CEO is taking issue with the amount of regulation and “micromanagement” the telecom industry faces.

Mirko Bibic told the Canadian Club Toronto the moves could lead the industry to reduce investments and services that help underserved communities, according to The Canadian Press.

Of particular issue was the government’s network sharing requirements that see incumbents license network use to smaller companies.

“Our regulator’s telling us that we have to give access to the new networks that our people, our partners and our capital are building and they’re telling us the rates we have to charge for that access. That’s not how a competitive market should be regulated. [It] certainly doesn’t strengthen the quality or resiliency of the networks and services you all rely on.”

Bibic said “unintended consequences” could arise if the federal government and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) implement more regulations against the big four (Bell, Québecor, Rogers and Telus).

“There comes a point where if government is too interventionist, all of us are going to have to scale back those investments, which is not good for consumers and businesses,” Bibic said.

The CEO’s words are in stark contrast to Bell’s efforts to get Ottawa to take a stand on wireless availability on the TTC.

After Rogers acquired the rights for the TTC’s wireless network in April, Bell and Telus asked the government to intervene to ensure providers from other companies could also access the network.

Bell issued multiple calls to the government, including one made on the same day Bibic made complaints about Ottawa’s “micromanagement.”

Via: The Canadian Press