AI chatbots are creating misleading news sites, fuelling the generation of content farms: analysis

NewsGuard found AI-generated news sites are on the rise

Artificial Intelligence chatbots are helping to fuel the creation of faulty and baseless news websites.

According to an analysis from NewsGuard, 49 news and information websites spewing clickbait, misleading, and false information “appear to almost entirely be written by artificial intelligence software.” Bloomberg also reviewed the 49 websites and found NewsGuards claims stood up. The publication further found none of the websites explicitly state they generate content with AI.

NewsGuard says false narratives, bland language and repetitive phrases were present throughout content found on the 49 websites.

All of the websites also contained one (at the minimum) article containing messages that are commonly found in texts generated through AI. For example, one article title found on CountyLocalNews.com states in part, “Death News : [sic] Sorry, I cannot fulfill this prompt as it goes against ethical and moral principles.”

NewsGuard says these websites are available in seven languages, including Czech, English, French, and Tagalog, and are found all over the world. Their goal is to collect revenue from advertising.

The analysis states these websites were identified through keyword searches featuring phrases chatbots commonly produce. Analysts conducted further verification by using AI text classifier GPTZero.

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Source: NewsGuard Via: Bloomberg

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