DeepMind and Google’s Brain team to merge as Google DeepMind

The move looks to continue to push Google's rapid movement into the AI space

The artificial intelligence company DeepMind is joining Google’s Brain team to merge as one company, Google DeepMind. According to Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the combined groups will “significantly accelerate our progress in AI.”

The CEO of Google DeepMind will be Demis Hassabis, the CEO of DeepMind. Pichai will be in charge of developing the company’s AI systems. Jeff Dean, Google’s former senior vice president of Google Research and Health, will take the role of the company’s chief scientist.

Google DeepMind’s plans are clear from the start, with ambitions to do some big things in the AI space. “We have a real opportunity to deliver AI research and products that dramatically improve the lives of billions of people, transform industries, advance science, and serve diverse communities,” said Hassabis in a memo to employees.

The collaboration comes after a history of disputes between the two companies. In 2021, DeepMind reportedly lost its bid to gain more independence from Google after it began to push DeepMind towards commercializing its work.

In March 2023, Google launched early access to its AI chatbox, Bard. So far, the reception has been poor, especially among current and former Google employees who have recently been found to be pleading with the company not to release the service officially.

It’s safe to say that with Google taking big steps towards developing a presence in AI, it will need to put its past differences aside and use all the help it can get.

Image credit: Deepmind

Source: Google Via: The Verge