AirPods 2nd-Gen and 3rd-Gen discounted on Amazon Canada

Apple’s AirPods 2nd-Gen and 3rd-Gen are once again on sale from Amazon Canada. While the deals on not staggering, it’s certainly something that puts a bit of money back into your pocket.

The AirPods (2nd-Gen) are now $167.99 and offers wireless charging, improved battery life, better connectivity and hands-free “Hey Siri” support. With a single charge, users can expect to get around five hours of listening time or three hours of talk time. With the charging case, users can get up to 24 hours of listening time or 18 hours of talk time.

The 2nd-Gen AirPods also come equipped with Apple’s H1 chip, which offers faster and more stable connectivity than the first-generation AirPods. This makes it easier for users to switch between devices and enjoy a seamless listening experience.

The AirPods (3rd generation) were released in 2021 and represent an upgrade over the 2nd generation AirPods that were released in 2019. The AirPods 3rd gen has a more compact design with shorter stems and a more rounded shape compared to the 2nd generation, along with a new charging case.

In addition, AirPods 3rd gen supports Spatial Audio, which provides a surround-sound-like experience and creates a more immersive audio experience. This feature is not available on the 2nd generation.

The 3rd gen AirPods are more expensive than the 2nd generation, which is now on sale for $227.99.

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Source: Amazon Canada