Link is Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s star, but sexy Ganondorf is winning over fans’ hearts

How can a character that's supposed to be bad look so good?

While Nintendo gave us one last look at The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom before it releases on May 12th, fans have forgotten all about the trailer in favour of the newly released artwork, which gives us our first look at the game’s main antagonist, Ganondorf.

The first sighting of the Demon King didn’t have fans of the series talking about his role in the upcoming game. No, instead, the talk is primarily focused on Ganondorf’s undeniably good looks and… uh, sex appeal?

I mean, you do see it, right?

The gym-bro muscles, those luscious locks, and that menacing tough guy stare. This character design really has it all. Thankfully, it’s not just me noticing, with the internet in shambles currently over the first official artwork. Zelda fans on Twitter and Reddit are proclaiming their newly found lustful desire for the villain.

For example, Twitter user @JoshuaQuig took to the site to say, “Hoo damn, we all knew he’d be hydrated, but not Luscious.”

One Reddit user, @GrimgrinCorpseBorn could only muster “Daddydorf” in a R/NintendoSwitch discussion about the character. User @MitchOfGilead replied with (you guessed it,) “Ganondilf.”

Considering that this is the first we’re seeing of Ganondorf in his human form after skipping it in Breath of the Wild, it’s a little bit shocking to see such passionate takes on the character’s figure. The initial trailer for Tears of the Kingdom left questions on whether or not Ganon would star in the upcoming game, prompting some to draw examples of what a “rehydrated Ganondorf” would look like. This spun into an internet meme that seems to be the cause of all of the attention Ganondorf is currently getting.

Despite the news of the character’s return being overtaken by heaps of explicitly lude comments (and some fan art that we’re not going to mention), the announcement of Ganondorf’s return to the Zelda series just adds to the hype surrounding one of the most anticipated Switch games in the history of the console.

Those looking to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (or just ogle at Ganon the whole time) can do so on May 12th, when the title officially launches.

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Image credit: Nintendo of America

Source: @NintendoOfAmerica Via: Kotaku