Apple rumoured to integrate Siri UI into Dynamic Island with iOS 17

Siri may be taking a vacation to the Dynamic Island

Apple might integrate Siri into the iPhone’s ‘Dynamic Island‘ with the release of iOS 17. Since debuting on iPhone 14 Pro series, the tech giant has reportedly been looking at ways to support the new interactive notch better.

There’s been very little concrete information regarding iOS 17 ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in early June. However, one rumour from an anonymous analyst suggests Siri prompts will transition into the Dynamic Island. On Twitter, @analyst941 outlines how this could work in iOS 17.

When discussing the expansion of the Dynamic Island, @analyst941 says, “many more notifications will be used with Dynamic Island, as well as a new Siri UI is being tested with it.” They go on to clarify that “Apple may or may not go with the Dynamic Island version of Siri.” This leaves the possibility that Siri may remain in the current state Apple offers now.

As it currently stands, users activate Siri by uttering the phrase “Hey, Siri.” This wakes Siri up in the form of the sphere emblem at the bottom of the screen. Users can then ask the assistant a question, make commands and complete other actions. It remains to be seen how a transition over to Dynamic Island will improve or drastically change how users interact with Siri.

Integrating Siri into the Dynamic Island and its pill-shaped design could help consolidate more of Apple’s systems and features. A localized area of the screen where notifications, prompts, and Siri can be pulled from could provide more screen real estate to the user when activated.

However, these are just possibilities, and it’s important to note @analyst941 isn’t a well-known leaker, though they are an active MacRumors forums user.

We’ll likely have a more concrete idea of what Apple may have planned for Siri as WWDC 2023 draws closer. The conference kicks off on June 5th and runs until June 9th. At one point, it was believed that Apple would reveal its AR/VR headset during the event, but that might no longer be the case.

Source: @analyst941 Via: MacRumors