Google ends support for third-party Assistant smart displays

Lenovo and JBL Link View are affected by the lack of support

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Google has stopped pushing out updates for some of its third-party smart displays. Spotted by 9to5Google, the company’s support article now says that Google does not provide software updates on the Lenovo Smart Display, JBL Link View and LG’s Xboom AI ThinQ WK9.

Most of these devices launched in 2018 after Google announced its Smart Display platform and around when the company also unveiled its Home Hub (now called Nest Hub).

However, there have been signs of this lack of support. In 2022, Google disabled the ability to use web browsers on non-Nest Hub Smart displays. And features like Look and Talk and Quick Phrases started showing up on Nest Hub devices, but not the other smart displays.

This update doesn’t include the Lenovo Smart Clock, but it’s possible it might be affected in the future.

With the upcoming launch of the Pixel Tablet, it’s possible that Google will pull back from smart displays and push its focus on the tablet. The Pixel Tablet will sport a dock that will turn the device into a smart display, so it makes sense that Google will focus on this upcoming device.

Source: 9to5Google