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Has Netflix stopped you from mooching off your friend’s account yet?

...Or your family's account, or that random stranger that left their account open after a house party

Netflix has announced that if you’re in Canada and you’re using someone else’s account who doesn’t share your IP address, you’ll soon get locked out if you don’t shell out an additional $7.99 per month. However, it seems the streaming platform hasn’t yet locked freeloaders out of their accounts.

On the MobileSyrup team, no one has been locked out of an account. For example, I “borrow” my mother’s Netflix account and so does my roommate, and both of us haven’t experienced any issues — at least not yet.

With this in mind, we have a question: If you’re currently using someone else’s Netflix account, have you been locked out yet?

This poll is solely for those living in Canada, where Netflix’s new policy went into place on February 21st.