Koodo rolls out $45/50GB plan for Black Friday

The plan normally costs $65/mo but customers get a $20/mo credit for 24 months

Koodo $45/mo 50GB plan

Update 2022/11/26: Fido and Virgin also have $45/50GB plans now. Learn more here.

While many carriers are offering stellar deals in-store, Koodo just ramped up its online offers with a $45/mo 50GB plan.

The Telus flanker brand has the plan listed on its website. It’s actually a $65/mo plan but comes with a $20/mo bill credit for 24 months. The data is at 4G speed (up to 100Mbps, according to Koodo’s fine print) and includes unlimited Canada-wide minutes and texting. Plus, customers can pick one free perk to go with the plan, with options like premium voicemail, unlimited international SMS, rollover data, faster data, and more.

Customers who bring their own phone can get a $22/mo discount instead.

Koodo’s other plans remain the same, including $50/12GB, $55/20GB, and $60/25GB. If you head into stores, some have had luck getting $35/20GB plans.

Check out Koodo’s plan here.