Here’s how to download your Twitter data, just in case

Twitter's future doesn't look bright


Twitter’s future looks increasingly uncertain as employees resign and new owner Elon Musk continues to drop the ball. Some predict Twitter will break in the coming days or weeks. Whether or not Twitter dies (my money is on the service limping along as an empty husk of what it once was), you may want to pull your data out, so you have a backup if the service does collapse.

Thankfully, Twitter offers a built-in tool for doing this. To access it, open Twitter and click ‘More’ > ‘Settings and Support’ > ‘Your account’ > ‘Download an archive of your data.’ You’ll need to enter your password, and then a verification code will be sent to either your email or phone number (I’d recommend email since when I went through the process, I got an error when trying to use SMS). You can also do this from Twitter’s mobile apps.

Once you’ve verified yourself, click the blue ‘Request archive’ button. Twitter will then start preparing the archive, which will be available to download as a zip file. The Twitter site notes that it can take 24 hours or longer for the data to be ready.

Data in the archive will include account information, history, apps and devices, account activity, interests, and ad data.