Gmail’s new Material UI look is being forced on everyone

The new look features deeper integration with Chat, Spaces and Meet

Early in 2022, Google announced a new layout for Gmail that offered Chat, Meet and Spaces integration. This redesign has been rolling out to users in phases and was initially available on an opt-in basis.

Following this, in July, the Gmail integrated view was rolled out to all Chat users. With this in mind, if you turned off Chat on your account, you wouldn’t have this new Gmail. However, now, Google is making the layout standard for all users.

The Gmail design features Material You UI elements and offers an integrated view with Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet buttons on the left as the default layout. Personally, I like the change, as it gives me quick access to Spaces, Chat and Meet, tools I use a lot for work.

You can customize it to hide the Chat, Spaces and Meet options if you have no use for them. This will make Gmail look similar to the previous version, but you’ll still have the Material UI.

This update will start rolling out to all domains starting on November 29th.

Source: WorkSpace