Starlink to ship satellite internet service for RVs in December

Canadians will have to pay a one-time hardware fee, along with a monthly cost

Canadians can get their hands on Starlink for RVs this December, but it comes with a not-so-pretty price tag.

According to Starlink’s website, the service costs $170 monthly in addition to the one-time hardware fee of $759.

The service, brought forward by SpaceX, will provide high-speed, low-latency internet wherever Starlink provides coverage. According, to the company’s coverage map, at least half of Canada, including Northern Canada, is included in the “no coverage category.”

However, Starlink says services will be available in Q1 2023 but provides no specifics beyond that.

You can visit Starlink’s website to see if Starlink for RVs is available for you.

Image credit: SpaceX

Source: Starlink