Retro Nintendo controllers now work with Apple devices

Switch N64

Earlier this year, Apple brought support for Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and Switch Pro Controller to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. Now, the company has extended that to older Nintendo gamepads.

On Twitter, developer Steve Troughton-Smith shared that as of iOS 16.1, the Nintendo Switch Online Super Famicom controller is working with his Apple TV.

Separately, MacStories confirmed that Switch Online’s Nintendo 64 controller is also now compatible with Apple devices. As Troughton-Smith noted, these are the Bluetooth/USB-C versions of the retro controllers, so the NES controller should work as well.

Meanwhile, it looks like iOS 16.1 brought support for several other new game controllers beyond the Nintendo catalogue. Digging into the iOS 16 code, 9to5Mac says it also found listings 8Bitdo, the Logitech F710 Gamepad and Bada Moga XP5-X Plus.

Outside of the newly added controllers, Apple devices also offer support for PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

Via: 9to5Mac