Microsoft is bringing the Age of Empires series to mobile again

This is the latest attempt to bring the iconic RTS series to smartphones

Age of Empires Mobile

During Age of Empires’ (AoE) 25th anniversary broadcast, Microsoft and World’s Edge announced that the long-running real-time strategy (RTS) franchise is coming to iOS and Android.

Little is known about this latest attempt to bring the series to mobile, but the brief trailer hints at a desire to stay faithful to the AoE series’ roots. Microsoft has tried to make Age of Empires happen on mobile in the past — first with 2014’s Age of Empires: Castle Seige, a tower defence title, and then also with Age of Empires: World Domination.

Both games shut down shortly after their release.

There’s a possibility touch controls could work great with the AoE series, but I also hope it retains its RTS gameplay and isn’t full of microtransactions and timed-based gating like Clash of Clans. Hopefully, we see gameplay of the upcoming mobile title soon.

During the presentation, the tech giant also confirmed that Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV are coming to Xbox consoles in 2023.

Image credit: Microsoft