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What’s your go-to music streaming app?

I still prefer Spotify

This week, news broke that Spotify might release a Platinum subscription tier offering called HiFi audio.

However, this higher premium tier might cost $20 per month, offering similar pricing to Tidal. On the other hand, Apple Music includes HiFi streaming at a much lower price. With this in mind, I decided to try Apple’s streaming music service but found that I’m not a fan of its user interface or playlists.

Last year, MobileSyrup’s Brad Bennett created a video focused on the different music streaming platforms available in Canada and outlined the pros and cons of each service (see above).

Personally, I still find Spotify’s design great, I trust its recommendations algorithm and its pre-made playlists are usually spot-on.

With all of this in mind, we’d like to know what music streaming platform you prefer. Do you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify? Maybe you love Tidal or Deezer? Let us know in the comments below.