Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen) aren’t working well with Pixel 6, 7, but there’s a temporary fix

You'll need to dive into the developer settings to solve the issue

AirPods Pro 2nd-gen

A few weeks ago, I purchased Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen) and connected the wireless earbuds to the iPhone 13 Pro. However, I often use an Android device alongside an iPhone. So, I tried using the new AirPods Pro with my Pixel 6 and was frustrated that the two didn’t seem to work well together. Following that, I tried using the AirPods Pro 2 with my Pixel 7 Pro and ran into the same issue.

The problem is that though the AirPods Pro 2 connect to Google’s Pixel devices, the audio stops after about a minute or two, even though the wireless earbuds remain connected.

This glitch seems relatively common, with AirPods (2nd-Gen) owners turning to the Google subreddit to outline their issues. It looks like the problem is related to a bug with A2DP offloading. However, well-known leaker Max Weinbach from 9to5Google has uncovered a temporary fix for the issue. In the ‘Developer Settings,’ you can toggle ‘Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload’ with the Pixel 6 or Pixel 7.

According to 9to5, enabling this fixes the issue but also lowers audio quality. The feature offloads audio decoding from the phone to the earbuds, which helps with compression and quality when using the AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen).

It’s currently unknown if the bug is on Apple’s or Google’s end. However, a fix could arrive soon if it’s a Google problem. Check out our review for more on Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen).

Source: 9to5Google, Reddit