Google releases iOS 16 lock screen widgets

Maps, Gmail, and YouTube Music are some of the new widgets

Google has released its lock screen widgets for Apple’s iOS 16, giving users quick insights into what’s happening through various Google apps.

The Gmail widget shows users the number of new messages since the inbox was last opened. The Drive widgets allow users to open a suggested or starred file through a single tap. The Google News screen widget provides headlines, and Maps can provide estimated travel times for a trip or find nearby restaurants or other venues. Users can also add a shortcut to Google Lens and use their camera to translate more than 100 languages.

The YouTube Music widget allows users to search for songs, and alternatively, use voice search to sing a few bars of a song if they can’t remember the name.

Here’s how to add widgets:

  1. Unlock lock screen
  2. Tap and hold anywhere on the lock screen to access the customization mode
  3. Tap ‘customize’
  4. Select ‘lock screen’
  5. Select ‘add widgets’ and drag widgets to the lock screen, configuring them to your liking
  6. Tap the ‘x’ icon, and then ‘done’

Image credit: Google

Source: Google