Leaked Pixel Watch ad suggests new metal band options ‘coming this winter’

The leaked ad showed off several Pixel Watch features in action

Ahead of Google’s October 6th Pixel event, a new ad for the Pixel Watch leaked on Sunday, October 2nd that provides a clear look at the upcoming wearable.

Shared by @_snoopytech_ on Twitter, the ad confirms some of the things that we already know about the watch, like the fact that it will feature a bold circular dome design with a curved glass top and an overall sleek design.

The video also suggests that the watch will be available in three finishes, namely ‘Matte Black,’ ‘Silver,’ and ‘Gold,’ and that new metal bands for the watch are “coming this winter.”

Fitbit’s heart rate tracking, alongside sleep tracking and fitness tracking, would be an integral part of the watch, while smart home gadgets would be controllable directly from the watch via the Google Assistant.

A scene from the ad shows the Pixel Watch providing directions, while the subsequent one shows the Google Wallet in action. Disclaimers for both the features suggest that the Google Pixel Watch and the paired smartphone must be on the same carrier network to use Maps and Wallet features, and the same goes for making/answering calls directly from the Pixel Watch. Check out a few screenshots from the ad below:

Read more about what to expect from Google’s October 6th event here.

Image credit: @_snoopytech_, Made By Google

Source: @_snoopytech_


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