Twitter introducing two new video features to improve video viewing experience better

Twitter is introducing a full-screen video mode and a video carousel

As video continues to drive engagement on Twitter, the social media company is introducing two new features.

The first major update that impacts how users interact with videos is the introduction of a full-screen mode. The social media platform now allows users to click on a video to expand it and play it across the full screen.

Once a video has been launched in full-screen mode, there are additional discovery tools set up to assist engagement. For example, users can scroll up to browse other video content. Each video shows playback options, including likes, retweets, captions, etc. Once finished with full-screen mode, tapping the arrow on the top left brings you back to the standard viewing mode.

This feature is rolling out on iOS devices in the coming days.

The second video-centric feature coming to Twitter is a new video carousel. In the Explore tab, users will now see a new video carousel alongside the standard Tweets and Trends.

Clicking any of the featured videos brings them up in full, allowing users to leave a comment or like.

The video carousel is making its way to “select countries” across iOS and Android.

Alongside new video features, Twitter is also still testing the long-requested edit button function for Twitter Blue subscribers. While the feature is currently available to some Twitter users in Canada, a wider rollout is coming in late September.

Image credit: Twitter

Source: Twitter