Netflix Games introduces its own version of gamertags

Available on both iOS and Android

Netflix Games game handles

Netflix has launched “game handles,” a way for Netflix Games players to create a unique public username that will be used across all of the platform’s titles.

Some of the games that will feature the streamer’s take on Xbox’s Gamertag and Sony’s PSN ID include multiplayer titles like ship adventure game Rival Pirates and single-player titles with leaderboards, such as Lucky Luna.

To create a game handle, boot up the Netflix mobile app. On Android, you can simply select the games tab in the navigation bar to find a banner that says ‘Create your Netflix game handle.’ iOS users, however, will have to download Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna to access this prompt.

In related news, Netflix has partnered with publisher Tilting Point to bring three mobile games to its platform, starting with Spongebob: Get Cooking on September 27th, followed by Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited (TBA fall 2022) and a yet-to-be-revealed title in 2023. The streamer also revealed plans this week to open its first game studio in Helsinki, Finland.

Image credit: Netflix

Source: Netflix