Google rolls out safety feature allowing users to request personal information removal

The feature is currently available in beta

Some Google users can now remove search results that detail personal identifiable information, following Google’s announcement of the “Results About You” feature at its 2022 I/O event in May.

According to Google’s support page, information that can be removed includes bank account numbers, images of ID documentation or handwritten signature, and phone numbers.

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Users can access the safety feature by selecting their profile picture on the Google app. A menu page titled “Results About You” will open up, detailing how to send a removal request from Google.

If you find a page that contains personal information, you can select the menu icon (three verticle dots on the top right corner) that’s next to the result, and select “remove result.”

Once submitted, users can monitor the progress of their requests.

The feature seems to only apply to Android users at this time.

Image credit: Google

Via: 9to5Google