YouTube is adding shorts to its partner program

The program will pay creators for their short-form videos

YouTube is adding creators who post ‘shorts’ on the platform to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Shorts refer to YouTube’s short-form video sharing feature that hosts videos under 60 seconds.

Launched in 2007, YPP pays creators who meet specific criteria for the content they produce. YouTube has paid creators more than $50 million in the last three years, Neal Mohan, chief product officer, revealed at Made on YouTube 2022, where he shared details of the new program.

The announcement gives YouTube a slight edge in the crowded short-form video market. While it’s not the only platform of its kind to offer compensation for videos, it differs in how it pays creators.

Ads on shorts run between videos instead of within a video, as seen with long-form YouTube videos. The company will pool revenue from ads that play after a creator’s shorts and pay them 45 percent.

Creators with 10 million views on their shorts in the last 90 days can apply for the partnership.

The funds will also cover music licenses under a second new program, Creator Music. The program will allow creators to use copyrighted music without giving up the revenues they earn from videos where they use the music. Music creators and writers will also be paid for their work. YouTube creators will have access to a music library and an easy way to license music.

The program is in beta and will launch in the U.S. in the fall. It will expand to other countries next year.

Image credit: YouTube