PlayStation highlights September’s upcoming PS5 and PS4 indie games

Temtem, Tunic and more indie games are releasing this September

The PlayStation Blog has highlighted several of the upcoming PS4 and PS5 indie games coming this September. From Temtem to Tunic, there are several cool indie games making their way to PlayStation consoles this September.

Tunic is worth highlighting as it was developed by the Canadian Andrew Shouldice. The game was first released on Xbox consoles and Steam, but PlayStation gamers will soon get the chance to play this beautiful Zelda-esque Souls-like. You can check out our Tunic review, here.

Here are the five indie games coming this September:

These titles will be available by the end of the month. I’ve been most excited by Tunic and can’t wait to finally play it on my PlayStation 5. Temtem is also a pretty rad Pokémon-like game where you capture monsters, train them and use them to battle.  It’s been in early access for what feels like whatever, and I’m happy it’s finally coming out.

Source: PlayStation Blog