Rogers’ 5-day credit might not be enough: report

Some consider the credit "inadequate" because it doesn't account for additional factors, like missed sales and business

Following complaints about an initial plan to credit customers for two days’ worth of service, Rogers upped its credit to five days’ worth of service. However, that still may not be enough.

Richard Leblanc, a law and ethics professor at York University, told CTV News that Rogers’ credit offering is “wholly inadequate.” Leblanc argues that the damage to individuals and small businesses can’t be “quantified solely on the basis of a portion of a monthly fee.”

In other words, Rogers needs to consider more than just what customers pay it for services and refunding them for the days the service wasn’t available or disrupted. Leblanc explained that there’s much more beyond just what people pay Rogers — businesses couldn’t accept payments, sales were missed, people couldn’t attend meetings, and so on.

Rogers’ wireless and wireline services went down early in the morning on July 8th and the outage persisted well into the evening and through the weekend. Customers of Rogers and the company’s flanker brands, Chatr and Fido, were left without wireless service, home internet, TV, or any combination of those services. The outage disrupted payment and financial systems, government services, emergency and 9-1-1, and more.

Leblanc told CTV that Rogers should consider tailoring compensation to better fit its individual, household and business customers.

It’s worth considering that how Rogers responds to the outage may have an impact going forward, for example, with regard to lawsuits. A Quebec resident has already filed a class-action lawsuit against Rogers over the outage seeking $400 for members impacted by the Rogers outage. Leblanc thinks more legal action will likely follow.

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Source: CTV News