First trailer for Kingdom: The Blood shows gameplay from Netflix series adaptation

Kingdom: The Blood is due to arrive on mobile and PC and is based on Netflix’s Kingdom

Kingdom: The Blood, a video game adaptation of Netflix’s Kingdom series, is in development. South Korean studio Action Square leads development and is bringing the game to mobile and PC.

Kingdom: The Blood is set in a zombie apocalypse in medieval Korea, similar to the Netflix series. Kingdom follows Crown Prince Lee Chang as he faces a zombie invasion while searching for clues and the truth regarding his father’s disappearance.

Kingdom: The Blood enables players to create their own character set in the same universe. Armed with a blade, players will combat undead foes while exploring historic locations. The game offers its own story mode as well as a Conquest Mode. Plus, Kingdom: The Blood introduces a PVP mode and boss battles to overcome.

Action Square confirms that a professional Korean sword dancer was used for motion capture. The game incorporates combat stances and other details. Palaces are also faithfully recreated to align with the historic timeframe.

The trailer itself doesn’t offer any insightful look into control inputs or the user interface. However, we see the playable character square off against another enemy before it turns into a zombie. The reanimated corpse springs back up before a small group of enemies run into view.

As of the time of writing, Kingdom: The Blood does not have a release date. Once it launches, there’s a chance it will join the Netflix Games catalogue.

Two seasons of Kingdom are currently available on Netflix. A special episode dubbed Kingdom: Ashin in the North is also available to stream.

Image credit: Action Square

Via: IGN