Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ iOS app now works on Android 12 devices

The app is compatible with more than just Pixel devices now

Switch to Android

Google’s ‘Switch to Android‘ iOS app now supports all Android 12 smartphones.

The iOS app aims to make moving from an iPhone to an Android device easier, allowing the transfer of data like your contacts and calendar. The app was first released earlier this year, but only worked with Pixel devices at the time.

Adding compatibility with all Android 12 smartphones opens up Switch to Android app’s compatibility with several more devices.

The app’s transfer process starts by displaying a QR code on the iPhone. This link is then used to transfer photos, videos, contacts, calendar information and more wirelessly. There’s also a wired transfer option that’s faster and is useful for moving large video files and photos.

Apple also offers a ‘Move to iOS‘ app that’s been available in the Play Store since 2015. Google’s Switch to Android app is available in the iOS App Store.

Image credit: Google

Via: MacRumors