Canadian actor Keanu Reeves changes mind on NFTs, joins NFT project

In a December interview, Reeves laughed at how NFTs are "easily reproduced"

In December, during an interview with The VergeCanadian actor Keanu Reeves was laughing about NFTs and digital items as he thought they were “easily reproduced.”

Now, that’s changed, with Reeves and his partner Alexandra Grant joining Non-Fungible Labs and Fluf World as advisors for their Futureverse Foundation project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the foundation will help make the metaverse more accessible to those in disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Matrix Resurrections, in which Reeves stars, had 100,000 NFTs presented by Warner Bros. and Nifty which were up for sale.

Grant, who is a well-known artist, will also work with Brooke Howard-Smith, co-founder of Non-Fungible Labs, to help transition artists to digital art and guide them on how to make their sellable NFTs.

Non-Fungible Labs have already pledged $250,000 USD (around $324,787 CAD), along with its first single donation of €100,000 EUR (about $136,707 CAD) to Nana Oforiatta Ayim, to help her efforts to curate the Ghanian Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale.

For more information on the Futureverse Foundation, check out this link.

Image credit: Fluf World

Sources: Fluf World, The Hollywood Reporter Via: The Verge