Federal government invests thousands in strategy that will protect energy sector from cyber attacks

The investment is worth $156,514

The federal government is investing $156,000 towards protecting Canada’s energy systems from cyber attacks.

In a press release, Natural Resources Canada says cyber threats are growing in this field and becoming more complex and costly. Protecting the sector is also crucial as it’s part of the strategy contributing to Canada’s goal to reach net-zero emissions in the country by 2050.

The money will go towards the Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) Cyber Security Incident Response Playbook. Created by consulting engineering firm BBA, it outlines best practices for strong security responses and ensures organizations are prepared.

“Our government is working diligently to ensure the long-term security of critical infrastructure, which includes dealing with current and emerging risks presented by cyberattacks,” Jonathan Wilkinson, the Minister of Natural Resources, said.

“By applying industry’s knowledge, such as [the] playbook, we are supporting the energy sector’s efforts to respond and recover from cyber threats, while protecting Canada’s energy security.”

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: Natural Resources Canada