Twitter begins testing its Circle feature, limiting tweets to a group of up to 150 people

We’re now opening applications to be in our Twitter Circle

Twitter is testing its new Circle feature, which enables users to tweet to a specific group of up to 150 people.

Twitter’s new feature is reportedly available to a “small group” of users across iOS, Android and the web. Once active, a user can select up to 150 other users who can see and interact with a tweet. This feature is close in relation to Instagram’s Close Friends feature, which enables users to share Stories with specific users.

As Twitter Saftey suggests, Circle support enables users to control “who can see your Tweets when you want to share with a smaller crowd.” Likewise, Twitter offers a feature to control who is able to reply to a public tweet. It appears as though Twitter wishes to give more ownership to the user on who is able to interact with their tweets.

However, there are some red flags regarding the social aspect of the feature. Users have been quick to note that this may incite echo chambers to form on the platform.

The Twitter Circle feature could diminish some larger discussions. Although, it’s far too early to know the ramifications Twitter Circle may have on the platform.

Earlier this year, Twitter’s Circle feature was reported to be called ‘Flock.’ It appears as though Twitter has changed the name, dropping the association to birds in the process.

It’s not yet known when Twitter aims for a larger rollout of Twitter Circle. From the looks of it, testing is primarily within the U.S. Though, testing may migrate to Canada if it hasn’t begun already.

Source: @TwitterSaftey Via: Engadget