Samsung and Google’s rumoured foldables to sport similar-sized folding displays

It's unclear when we'll see either foldable, but I'm excited

Google’s and Samsung’s rumoured foldables will reportedly feature similar-sized folding displays, according to well-regarded display consultant Ross Young.

According to Young’s tweet, the two devices will have similar-sized folding displays. Previous rumours indicate that the Fold 4 hosts a similar design to its predecessor. With that in mind, the Fold 3 could sport a 7.6-inch primary screen, and Google’s phone might feature something similar.

This backs up previous rumours indicating that Google’s folding Pixel will sport a 7.6-inch display made by Samsung.

However, the main difference between the two phones is what’s on the inside. The Pixel foldable will reportedly sport a smaller 5.8-inch display with a wider aspect ratio than the taller 6.19-inch panel on the Fold 4. The wider aspect ratio on the Pixel foldable will make it look slightly more like a regular-sized phone from the phone.

It’s unclear when Samsung or Google will unveil its upcoming smartphones. Rumours indicate that Samsung’s foldable will launch in August or September, whereas Google’s device handset may launch in October during the company’s Pixel launch.

Source: Ross Young