Twitter confirms it’s working on edit button, Elon Musk will likely take credit

No, this is not a delayed April Fool's joke

Elon Musk and Twitter

Twitter has confirmed that it’s officially working on a heavily-requested feature: an edit button.

The social network made the announcement through its official @TwitterComms account.

Interestingly, this comes shortly after Elon Musk — who recently purchased a stake in Twitter and joined the company’s board — publicly asked users if they wanted an edit button.

However, Twitter noted in its tweet that the idea for the edit button didn’t come from a poll, in a clear reference to Musk. Instead, the company says it’s been working on the edit button since last year.

The feature will begin testing within Twitter Blue Labs in the “coming months to learn what works, what doesn’t and what’s possible,” Twitter says.

Twitter users have long asked for an edit button, as the only way to correct any mistakes otherwise is to fully delete and tweet again.

However, people have warned that this could be used maliciously, especially in an era of misinformation. For example, someone could tweet something innocuous, receive many likes and retweets and then edit the tweet to include something harmful. To that point, users have suggested an “edit history” section in the vein of Facebook so that a public record of previous versions of a given tweet can be accessed.

It’s unclear exactly what form the Twitter edit button will take, but the company’s comment about needing to “learn what works, what doesn’t and what’s possible” at least seems to acknowledge the importance of getting this right.

Source: @TwitterComms