Meta to open engineering hub in Canada, hire thousands

The hub will be based in Toronto and offer remote and in-office positions

Meta has plans to hire thousands of employees in Canada.

The company has announced plans to create a Toronto-based engineering hub and hire 2,500 employees over the next five years to help build the metaverse.

The hub will help establish the first Canadian Whatsapp, Messenger and remote presence engineering teams. It will also grow the Canadian Reality Labs and AI Research teams.

The roles will primarily focus on engineering and help Meta achieve the next generation of social technologies.

“The metaverse has the potential to unlock access to creative, social and economic opportunities and we want to work closely with Canadians, who are already building for this future, to shape it from the start,” Garrick Tiplady, vice president of Meta in Canada, said. 

The company is also providing 17 research labs with $510,000 in grants. The labs are working on research that will help expand the metaverse.

Those interested in working for the company can visit their website for details.

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Source: Meta