Ontarians getting hourly electricity use data from Westario ahead of 2023 deadline

Westario's 'Empowered' app is set to launch on May 25th

Westario Power’s forthcoming ‘Empowered’ mobile app will allow Ontario residents to monitor exactly how much electricity they consume on an hourly basis, according to a CTV News report.

The app, which is part of the Green Button program, “provides you as a customer with access, to energy usage data in a friendly format, so you can better manage your energy use,” said Jenny Alfandary, Westario Power, president and CEO, in a statement given to CTV News.

This comes as a precursor to November 2023, when all Ontario utilities will have to provide customers with access to their hourly energy usage as part of the province’s Green Button initiative.

Westario Power, which operates in Ontario communities like Bruce, Wellington, and Huron counties, is following in the footsteps of London Hydro and Essex Powerlines, both of which allow their customers to make energy management choices through the ‘Empowered’ app.

“For the first time, Ontarians can choose an electricity plan, that best suits their lifestyle, and electricity use,” says Alfandary.

Westario’s ‘Empowered’ app is set to launch on May 25th. However, utilities have until 2023 to provide customers with access to their hourly energy usage.

Image credit: CTV News

Source: CTV News